Weingartner Initiative on Deliberative Democracy (WIDD)

The Weingartner Global Initiative began in 2009 thanks to a generous gift from Werner and Mary Anne Weingartner.   Werner Weingartner

The Weingartner Initiative on Deliberative Democracy began in fall 2014 as a program under the Weingartner Global Initiative.  WIDD begins each fall with the selection of a new cohort of student Weingartner Global Fellows.  These students, with the assistance of Professors Clay Clemens and Joel Schwartz: are introduced to the literature on deliberative democracy; select a policy topic that will serve as the focus of multiple deliberations on campus and elsewhere to be held in the following fall term; identify the primary policy options for addressing the topic they have selected; and prepare an issue booklet that will be distributed to participants before they participate in a deliberation.

WIDDIn fall, 2016 the WIDD program is conducting deliberations on the challenge of mass shootings. Through the summer grants, Weingartner Fellows developed elements of an issue guide  – a pamphlet outlining prominent alternative positions on the selected topic. Each of the participants in the fall deliberation will receive a copy of this issue guide in advance.

Students must submit applications to be named Weingartner Global Fellows by Friday, November 18, 2016.