Past Weingartner Professors & Fellows

Weingartner Professors

Francie Cate-Arries (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison) is the Weingartner Professor for 2013-2015. Her current research focuses on cultural production related to the Franco regime’s ‘disappeared’, civilian victims of firing squads whose mass graves are currently being exhumed nationwide in Spain. As part of her “Voices of Memory/Objects of Remembrance” project based in Madrid and Andalucía, she and Weingartner Student Fellows for 2013, Megan Bentley and Katherine Wessman, filmed interviews with witnesses to the dictatorship’s repressive reprisals, including a former political prisoner; a veteran of 1939 French refugee camps; and family members of those executed without trial, Spanish citizens who now advocate for national legislation to recognize and redress human rights abuses during the regime. She is author of Culturas del exilio entre las alambradas: literatura y memoria de los campos de concentración en Francia, 1939-1945 (Barcelona, 2012), and a recipient of the SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award.

Associate Professor Paula Pickering has been named the 2011-2013 Weingartner Professor. She has been mentoring the Weingartner Student Fellows, Anushree Banerjee and Connor Smith. Pickering received a B.A. from Stanford University in 1989 and a PhD. from the University of Michigan in 2001.  Her research focuses on how Western Balkan citizens and elites influence international efforts to rebuild post-conflict societies and states.  She teaches comparative politics of the Eurasian region and is active in the Government department, International Relations, and Russian & Post-Soviet Studies programs.

Professor Mike Tierney was named the 2010-2011 Weingartner Professor. He served as a mentor and guide to the Weingartner Student Fellows, Eva Baker and Sneha Raghaven.  Tierny received a B.A. from William and Mary in 1987 and a Ph.D. from the University of California at San Diego in 2003. He is the Weingartner Associate Professor of Government, Director of International Relations and Director of the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations.
2013-2014 Fellows

Kate Wessman, class of 2013, recently received her B.A. in Hispanic Studies and is currently working on her M.A. at the School of Education.  Over the summer, she accompanied Professor Cate-Arries to Spain as a Weingartner fellow to support her research related to the recovery of historical memory of the victims of the Spanish Civil War and Francisco Franco’s repressive regime.  This research will contribute to Professor Cate-Arries’ “W&M Memory Works” 

 Megan Bentley,  class of 2013, graduated with a double major in Hispanic Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. She is continuing her education at the College in the School of Education's fifth year MAEd program with a concentration in elementary education and a certification to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. Megan was honored to be asked to join Professor Cate-Arries in Cádiz (and Madrid) this past summer to serve as one of two research assistants documenting interviews and photographing people and objects of memory for her Memory Works project.

2012-2013 Fellows

Connor Smith, Class of 2014, is an International Relations major. His Weingartner research has focused on local-level governance in Bosnia and Macedonia, particularly the impact of international aid. He will be conducting an Upperclass Monroe Project in Macedonia this summer to build on the data collected and analyzed as a part of his Weingartner research. In addition to this, he is an intern for the Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS). 

Jessie Ede, class of 2013, is a Government major. Her research focuses on the quality of local level governance in Bosnia, particularly measures of the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of municipal services. Through the Weingartner Fellowship, Jessie hopes to track progress in six municipalities and come closer to understanding what goes into effective and equitable local government programs. Additionally, she hopes to use this research to better understand the relationship between municipal leadership and useful project implementation.

2011-2012 Fellow

Anushree Banerjee is a class of 2012 Government major. Her research involves analyzing the connection between ethnic violence and civic participation. Through the Weingartner Fellowship, Anushree is hoping to better understand the relationship between municipalities that have experienced high levels of violence, and how effective their local government structures are. Additionally, she hopes to use this research to better understand how the international community can target their aid to build up the political structures of these post-conflict communities. 

2010-2011 Fellows

Eva Baker is a class of 2012 research assistant for the Institute for the Theory of Practice of International Relations. She is an International Relations major with a minor in Economics. Her research will focus on international aid and will be using data from AidData. Since receiving a Weingartner Fellowship, Eva plans to look into government and international relations internships abroad to have options and potental experience in a new field while simultaneously continuing her research.

Sneha Raghaven is a class of 2012 International Relations major. Her research involves the study of the exchange of sensitive nuclear aid between countries, or aid that is given to help countries build nuclear weapons programs. Through the Weingartner Fellowship, Sneha hopes to find how countries convince other countries not to build nuclear weapons, what the appropriate payoffs are and if increasing overall aid packages can be used as a tool to stop nuclear weapons proliferation.