2013-14 Participants

In 2011, the College of William & Mary and the Pulitzer Center formally launched their Campus Consortium partnership. It began October 16-17 with the first session of a specially-designed Sharp Seminar, bringing together William & Mary students and Pulitzer Center journalists to promote global learning and quality storytelling in journalism over the course of the academic year.

“Our partnership with the College of William & Mary offers a great opportunity to connect strong academic research with solid international journalism,” said Ann Peters, Pulitzer Center director of development and outreach. “We anticipate rich conversations between the students and the journalists over the course of these next months. We are eager to see how the students integrate the storytelling techniques they discover and build on during the seminar into new opportunities for reaching diverse audiences on a range of issues.”

“While William & Mary provides students with many opportunities to write as scholars for other scholars, this course is designed to help the students improve their abilities to write as a citizen for other citizens,” said Joel Schwartz, director of the Charles Center at the College.


2013-14 Sharp Seminar participants
  • Hannah Boes - Charm City Gets Real
  • Daniel Casey - The Volkswagens and Cadillacs: Agricultural Best Management Practices and the Restoration of the Chesapeake Bay
  • Brian Comiskey - Unlocking the SAFE Act: US Immigration Detention Policy and Reform in 2014
  • Claire Gillespie - Let Them Take Tests: The Common Core State Standards as Implemented in Illinois Elementary Schools
  • Dana Hayes - Hannibal's Hungary Tumblr Fandom
  • Olivia Jebb - The Residency Bottleneck: A Speed Bump in the Healthcare Road
  • Lizzy Pelletier - Testing in Harm's Way
  • Meg Schwenzfeier - Consumer Data Privacy in Politics