Morgan Barker

Morgan was interested in this course because of her long involvement with the DoG Street Journal of which she is currently Co-Editor in Chief.  Morgan picked her projeMorganct after years of involvement with the disabilities community in Williamsburg through the Buddy Art and the Buddy Ball programs.  Over the summer, through a grant from OCES, she created her own Buddy Theatre program, which ran for seven weeks over the summer.  She is a senior, English major.  Morgan is also looking for a job; hire her!

Seeing Disability

Summary: For my article, I looked into issues individuals with disabilities face in the film industry.  The result was a piece that focused on casting issues.  I talked with actors with disabilities, casting directors, and advocates about this issue in Hollywood.  I found that twelve percent of US citizens have some form of disability, and yet only one percent of scripted roles on television are roles with disabilities.  A major campaign in Hollywood, “Inclusion in the Arts and Media of People with Disabilities,” seeks to change those statistics so television can more accurately portray the worldview.  The main concern is that actors with disabilities are not sought for roles with disabilities or considered at all in casting.  My article focused on this issue as a problem of equal access to employment opportunities.

Read Morgan's entire article here.