2014-15 Participants

Nine William & Mary students completed the fourth Sharp Writer-in-Residence Program, working with Pulitzer Center-supported journalist Stephanie Hanes during the 2014-2015 academic year to develop their writing and reporting skills. The program is a joint Campus Consortium initiative with the Pulitzer Center and The College of William & Mary's Roy R. Charles Center for Academic Excellence, supported by William & Mary alumni Anne and Barry Sharp.

In 2011, the College of William & Mary and the Pulitzer Center formally launched their Campus Consortium partnership. It began October 16-17 with the first session of a specially-designed Sharp Seminar, bringing together William & Mary students and Pulitzer Center journalists to promote global learning and quality storytelling in journalism over the course of the academic year.

For the 2014-15 seminar, Hanes led the students through the process of developing and finalizing their reporting projects. This year she also worked with Pulitzer Center-supported photographer Allison Shelley and Pulitzer Center staff member Steve Sapienza to design round-robin workshops to focus on storytelling through visual means, overcoming reporting roadblocks and developing each students' project.

Each student undertook a reporting project of his or her own topic choice and worked with the journalists to craft the final written product, published on the Pulitzer Center site. Many students rounded out their reporting with separate travel grants provided by the College. Several students added a photographic component to their reporting, bringing to life those affected by the change in society, policy, or environment. Others investigated academic and government reports, searching for the root of the issues on which they reported.

These final products are the culmination of the students' independent reporting and the mentoring support during the 2014-15 Sharp seminar.

2014-15 Sharp Seminar Participants

Hannah Berk - The Right to Know Your Rights: Language Access in the Justice System
Akshay Deverakonda - The Fall of Icarus: Ivanpah's Solar Controvery
Alexis Foxworth - What's in a Vote?
Rachel Merriman-Goldring - The War Over Wilderness: Drakes Bay Oyster Company and the Preservation Movement
Akela Lacy - Italy: The Future of Migrants and Refugees
William Plews-Ogan - New Justice Center: A Beacon of Hope for Oglala Sioux Amid Complex Challenges
Katharine Sucher - Private Tiger Ownership in U.S.
Becca Thorpe - The Future of Confucius Institutes in the U.S.
Ellen Wexler - When Employers Demand Skills Professors Cannot Define