Chair Nomination Information

Department chairs in the following departments are each invited to nominate up to two faculty for consideration for this fellowship: Applied Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and faculty in biological fields of Kinesiology and Health Sciences and Psychological Sciences.  All tenured or tenure-eligible faculty, regardless of rank, are eligible for consideration.  Nominees should have an excellent record as teachers and scholars, and a demonstrated commitment to including undergraduates in their research.  Because the fellowship includes student stipends and supervision of student fellows, eligible faculty must have a presence on campus during the 2-year term.

Nominations deadlines to be announced.

Nominations should include a 1-2 page letter of nomination, the CV of the nominated faculty member, and at least two names of faculty who the selection committee may contact for references.   

Terms of the English-Stonehouse Fellowship:

– a two- year term;

– The award provides $5000 per year for the Faculty Fellow, which may be held in combination with another position;

– stipends of $3,000 for each English-Stonehouse Student Fellow, in each of the two summers of the Fellowship;

– $1,000 to be used at the faculty fellow's discretion for materials, faculty or student conference travel, and other project-related expenses.

Faculty Application: After receipt of the Chair’s nomination letter, the nominated faculty member will be invited to submit a CV and 1-2 page letter of application. The faculty application must include: (1) a description of the research project that will be funded by the Fellowship, (2) a one-to-two paragraph summary of the past experience that the nominee has had incorporating students into his or her research, and (3) a one-to-two paragraph summary of the specific role that Student Fellows will have in this project. It is expected that students will be brought into the research as true collaborators and not just as assistants to perform more menial tasks.