Chair Nomination Information

Department chairs in the following departments are each invited to nominate up to two faculty for consideration for this fellowship: Applied Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, and faculty in biological fields of Kinesiology and Psychology.  All tenured or tenure-eligible faculty, regardless of rank, are eligible for consideration.  Nominees should have an excellent record as teachers and scholars, and a demonstrated commitment to including undergraduates in their research.

Nominations dealines to be announced.

Nominations should include a 1-2 page letter of nomination, the CV of the nominated faculty member, and at least two names of faculty who the selection committee may contact for references.   

Terms of the English-Stonehouse Professorship:

– a two- year term;

– a salary stipend of $5000 per year for the Faculty Fellow, which may be held in combination with another position;

– stipends of $3,000 for each English-Stonehouse Student Fellow, in each of the two summers of the Professorship;

– $1,000 to be used at the Professor's discretion for materials, faculty or student conference travel, and other project-related expenses.