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Catron Scholars showcase creative inquiry


This year's recipients of the Catron Scholarship illuminated, inspired in thought-provoking Andrews Gallery exhibition.

Full Description

The six recipients of this year's Catron Scholarship for Artistic Development presented their remarkable work in a thought-provoking program held in Andrews Gallery on March 31. 


Will Tatum (above) explored in a variety of media what it means to grow older while still keeping in touch with one's inner child.


Ella Goldschmidt (above) demonstrated skills acquired last summer through an intensive letterpress course at the Portland School of Craft in North Carolina.


In addition to presenting his photography and ceramics, Yaxi Xiao (above) employed a range of technologies to share a symphony of sounds he had collected from his travels across the United States.


Adonis Anderson (above) shared a graphic novel begun after completing the Ox-Bow Artist-in-Residency Mentorship last summer.


Joshua Miner (above) explored rural Maine last summer and investigated the way water shapes competing biodiverse ecosystems to establish harmony.


Chris Eliades (above) presented work generated through graphic design courses at the Rhode Island School of Design.