Upcoming Programs

Study Away programs support on-campus courses with off-campus research or projects. These are the upcoming programs. 

Upcoming Study Away Programs, 2017-2018

Fall 2017

Iyabo Osiapem, Linguistics

Caribbean Linguistics course. COLL 300 credit possible. Faculty and select students will travel to Barbados during fall break to study the three major languages on the island, Barbadian English, Bajan, and British English. Students will review, use, and analyze language usage, as well as experience the Barbados community and culture, and visit the Cave Hill linguistics laboratory and location of The Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage.

 Spring 2018

Iyabo Osiapem, Africana Studies

Caribbean languages and cultures course. COLL 300 credit possible. This course can serve as the language requirement for Africana Studies. The goal of this course is to take a select number of students during Spring Break to Barbados to collect language data to be used for either senior thesis or projects. Students will learn more about the history of the island and the effect that English colonization has on the population.

 Liz Losh, American Studies

Digital Utopias and Dystopias course. This course will examine how digital activism adopts a global perspective on the use of computational media and distributed networks to effect political change. Faculty and twelve students will travel to Vienna, Budapest, and Germany in Spring, 2018.

Summer 2018

 Camilla Buchanan, Kinesiology and Health Sciences

The Olderkesi Project. COLL 300 credit possible. Faculty and select students will travel to Narok County, Kenya to participate in a four week service-learning experience at the Olderkesi Primary School to work with girls in grades 5-7. Students will work to mentor the young female students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will encourage them to remain enrolled in school until they complete grade 8 and to aspire to enroll in secondary school.

 Harmony Dalgleish, Biology

Biology 404, Fire Ecology Field course. COLL 300 credit. Faculty and students will travel to Flint Hills, Kansas, the largest remaining tract of tallgrass prairie in the world, to study the evolutionary and societal history of fire and the global importance of fire both ecologically and economically. During the field experience, students will speak and interact with a variety of stakeholders in the region: NGO land managers, research scientists, extension agents, and ranches.

Marc Raphael, Religious Studies

The Third Reich, National Socialism, and the Jews in Germany and Prague. Select students and faculty will travel throughout Germany and Czech Republic for 11 days exploring first hand major Holocaust sites. Some sites included Munich, Dachau Concentration Memorial Site, Documentation Centre at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds and Nuremberg Trials museums in Nuremberg, Prague, Terezin, Military History Museum in Dresen, and the Wannsee Conference Center in Berlin. Can fulfull COLL 300 for students taking RELG 309 "The Holocaust", or other related 3-credit courses, in Spring 2018 or in 2018-19.