For Faculty

Study Away Program Development Process

All faculty interested in leading a Study Away program through the Charles Center must submit an online proposal. The application will include the following:

  • Overview of program, including main learning objectives, main structural elements, draft itinerary, and budget;
  • course description with draft syllabus;
  • description of specific curricular needs at W&M that program will fulfill and why the course should be taught in proposed “away” location;
  • description of target student population, target course enrollment, and proposed recruitment techniques;
  • CV of faculty involved with the proposal;
  • signature of department chair(s) or program director(s), indicating knowledge/support of faculty’s involvement in Away project

The Charles Center will respond with three possible outcomes:

(a) approval, (b) suggestions for amendments to study away proposal, (c) rejection of proposal. If approved, faculty will be instructed to work with appropriate W&M staff to ensure comprehensive program development, with specific attention given to budget development and risk assessment.

All new program proposals must be submitted no later than August 10, 2018.

Financial Information

The Charles Center is able to offer a subsidy to help defer costs to students and faculty for a limited number of Study Away programs each year. Applications for funding should follow these guidelines:

  • The Charles Center will cover up to 100% of faculty costs (not to exceed $5,000);
  • The Charles Center will cover no more than 50% of student costs;
  • The maximum amount awarded will be $17,000

Successful proposals will be eligible for subsequent funding.

Faculty will be required to submit a program report no later than 30 days upon return. More information will be provided in the faculty handbook.


For questions, please contact Chelsie Craddock at