Public Health Minor

The goal of public health is to protect, preserve, and promote the health of communities and populations. Public health problems can best be solved through a full understanding of the complex relationships between disease processes and the social and biological environment of the community, and such an understanding depends on concepts and skills drawn from many different liberal arts disciplines.

The minor in Public Health provides students with an introduction to the principles of public health. Through two required courses in public health and epidemiology students explore the ways social, political and economic forces influence the health of populations, and learn about the biological underpinnings and control of disease, including epidemics and pandemics. Selection of the remaining elective courses can be tailored to complement a student’s major and interests, while providing the student with a broad foundation in liberal arts concepts and skills relevant to public health.

Declaration Process: To declare the minor, students must meet with a member of the Public Health Co-Directors and complete a declaration form. Students are encouraged to declare this minor as early as possible, but all minors must be declared before the beginning of preregistration for the final semester of the senior year.