The Program in Judaic Studies: Spring 2016 Events

April 5

James E. Young, "Spiegelman's MAUS," 9:30-10:50, TBA. Public Lecture: 4pm, Millington 150.

Fall 2015 Archived Events

October 15

Dr. Lisa Leff, American University, "The Political Meaning and Cultural Crisis of Emancipation," 11-12:15, Millington Hall 305

November 3

Dr. Maggie Kirsh, The College of William and Mary, "Tradition and Change in Eastern Europe," 11-12:15, Millington Hall 305

November 12

Dr. Maggie Kirsh, The College of William and Mary, "God, the Holocaust, and Halakhah," 11-12:15, Millington Hall 305

November 17

Rabbi Danny Zemel, Temple Micah of Washington DC, "Reform Judaic Thought Today," 11-12:15, Millington Hall 305

November 24

Dr. Jeffrey Gurock, Yeshiva University, "Orthodox Judaism Today," 11-12:15, Millington Hall 305

December 4

Dr. Maggie Kirsh, "Jewish-Christian-Jewish: Religious Identity and the Hidden Children of the Holocaust in France," 7:30pm, Temple Beth El, 600 Jamestown Road