Data Science Minor

It is recommended that students seeking to minor in Data Science declare before registering for classes during the second semester of junior year. 

Steps to Enroll
  1. Download the Declaration of Academic Minor form.
  2. Select which one course you will take to fulfill the Data Science deliberation requirement, and add it to the form.  This can include DATA 150, PHIL 303, or PHIL 215.
  3. Select which two upper-level methods courses you will take, and add it to the form.  Frequently these will be courses in your home major department, though students are encouraged to branch out to other disciplines.  Courses chosen are approved by the program director, and should have a quantitative focus.  All students can choose INTR 204 (GIS) and INTR 490 (Introduction to Remote Sensing, or other topics courses offered by the Center for Geospatial Analysis).
  4. Submit the enrollment form to the Data Science Program director (Dr. Matthias Leu; to sign.
  5. The program director will submit a signed copy of the enrollment form to the Registrar, and retain a copy for you to pick up at your convenience.