Minor in APIA

Students interested in declaring the minor in Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies are advised to  enroll in APIA 205: Introduction to Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies.

REQUIREMENTS: (18 credits minimum)

CORE: Select three courses for a total of nine credits.

  • APIA 205-Introduction to Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies
  • APIA 315-Asian Pacific American History
  • APIA 351-Peoples and Cultures of Polynesia
  • APIA 366-Asian American Studies
  • APIA 364-Asian American Experience: Part 1, 1849-1965
ELECTIVES: Select 3 courses from the list below or any core course taken beyond the nine credit core requirement. Other courses may be taken after approval from the APIA Faculty Advisor.)
  • THEA 222-Acting Asian American-The Performance of Identity
  • APIA 320-Islamophobia
  • APIA 332-Sex & Race in Plays & Films: Dramatizing Diversity
  • APIA 337-Immigration, Assimilation, and Ethnicity
  • APIA 350-Topics in Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies
  • APIA 365-Asian American Experience: Part 2, 1965-present
  • APIA 444-Filipino American & Diaspora Studies
  • APIA 445-Korean American Diaspora Studies
  • APIA 480-Independent Study
  • APIA 495 and APIA 496-Honors
  • AFST 371-The Idea of Race
  • AMES 333-South & Southeast Asian Folklore Performance
  • ARAB 311-Arabs in America, America in Arabs
  • HIST 341-U.S.. Immigration History