William & Mary

Summer 2010 Monroe Photo Contest

The Charles Center hosted a Summer 2010 Research Photo Contest this year. Many wonderful photos were submitted, and the Charles Center chose the top three. To see more submissions, please visit the Charles Center Photo Gallery.


First Place: "Rocking Chair"
Photo Credits: Kristen Lied, Class of 2012

Kristen spent her summer living with 15 beautiful girls at Casa Havilah, a rescue home in Nicaragua. Her project focused on service through art. Kristen used her artistic skills to paint a jungle mural for the girls: "Thanks to the artistic talent I have been given, I left behind a piece of me. Hopefully these murals will prove to bring joy and laughter to the home." When Kristen was not painting, she spent her time helping the girls with their chores, teaching them English, or playing games. Kristen will finish her research project with a 15-painting series depicting each of the girls at Casa Havilah.

Rocking Chair


Second Place: "Farida"
Photo Credits: Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, Class of 2011

During this past summer, Justin conducted his Monroe research in Bosnia. The goal of his project was to document everyday life in the country through his photography. Justin also participated in a summer program teaching English and film studies at a local elementary school. Farida, the girl in the photograph, was one of Justin's students. “The playful legend says that if you drink from the fountain in Sarajevo, you will come back here.  I don’t think it’s the fountain, though.  I think it’s the people.  Get coffee with a Bosnian and you’re coming back to Bosnia.”



Third Place: "Mid-day Market"
Photo Credits: Taylor Mullaney, Class of 2012

Taylor spent her summer tracing the evolution of the Peace Corps in Western Africa, specifically Senegal. Taylor visited Senegal for three weeks to interview volunteers and witness the work the Peace Corps has done. The photo depicts a the market in the town of Sédhiou in the southern region of the country. Much has changed in this small town, but many people in this market can remember the faces of volunteers and, more specifically, volunteers' specific projects. The Peace Corps' effect in the region has truly been lasting.

Mid-day Market\