William & Mary

Rio de la Plata Working Group 4th Annual Workshop


Please join us March 1st and 2nd for the Fourth Annual Rio de la Plata Seminar,  sponsored by the Lyon Gardiner Tyler Department of Historythe Reves Center and Latin American Studies .  The event is cosponsored by the Charles Center, and the Program in Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies.


Opening Lecture – March 1st 11am, Blow Memorial Hall, 201

  • Decentering the Nineteenth-Century History of the Rio de la Plata.
  • Prof. Erik Langer, Georgetown University

Workshop Sessions – James Blair Hall 206, History Library

Session I – March 1st -1:45pm,

  • Jacinto Ventura de Molina (1766-1841): a Black Quixote of Montevideo- Alex Borucki, UC - Irvine
  • Faithfully Serving, Patiently Waiting: Manumission Strategies in Córdoba, Argentina 1776-1853- Erika Edwards, UNC – Charlotte
  • Commentator: Viviana Grieco, University of Missouri at Kansas City

Session II – March 1st- 3:30pm

  • "From peasants to slave owners: race and class in the Rio de la Plata"- Allison Poska, University of Mary Washington
  • São Paulo e o Rio da Prata: um circuito mercantil em expansão no período tardo-colonial (1796-1822)- Denise Moura UNESP – Franca, SP, Brazil
  • Commentator: Susan Socolow, Emory University

Session III – March 2nd - 9:15am

  • Where Mapmakers and Nomads Meet: Rethinking Borderlands from the Rio de la Plata, 1749-1805- Jeff Erbig, UNC
  • Down with the Palms of the Great Plaza!”:  Replanting the Seeds of Cultural Discord in Modern Buenos Aires, c. 1883-Brian Bockelman, Ripon College
  • Commentator: Fabrício Prado, The College of William and Mary

Session IV – March 2nd-11am

  • Facundo in the United States: Mary Peabody Mann's translation of Domingo Sarmiento's Civilization and Barbarism-Carolina Zumaglini, University of Florida International
  • On the Origins of Civilization and Barbarism: Revisiting Sarmiento's Facundo-Ariel de la Fuente, Purdue University
  • Commentator: William Acree Jr, Washignton University

For pre-circulated papers and further questions please contact Fabricio Prado (fpprado@wm.edu)