Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium

Each day, William & Mary student researchers are shaping tomorrow and contributing to advances in their fields. We take one day each year to showace the new knowledge they have generated!

Formerly known as the Undergraduate Science Research Symposium, beginning in 2020 the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium will expand to include student researchers from all academic disciplines.

Be sure not to miss the Symposium on April 3, 2020 in the Intergrated Science Center from 2:00 - 4:30 p.m.!

The 2019 Science Symposium was held March 22 in the Integrated Science Center. Roughly 90 teams of presenters showed off all of their hard work in fields including biology, chemistry, psychological sciences, data science and more! (See list below.)

If you are a student who would like to sign up for the Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium — or a faculty advisor whose students may be interested — please email [[Amharris03, Andy Harris]].


A student presents their research at the Science Symposium.

2019 Student presenters and their research projects
Student Name Department Project Title
Katelyn Birchfield Psychology/Education Peer-Mediated Interventions for Students with High-Functioning Autism
Genny Thomas Psychology/Business The Lottery: Who Wins, Who Loses, and at What Cost?
Judy Shi Psychological Sciences Cross-Cultural Resource-Allocation Behavior: Now vs. Future and Tangible vs. Intangible
Lynette Shen Psychological Sciences Interpretation Bias and Its Predictability of Depression: a Cross-cultural Comparison of American and Chinese College Students
Clara Stebbins Psychological Sciences Conscientiousness as a Predictor of Problematic Social Networking Site Usage
Jen Traver Psychological Sciences Picture This: Children's Attachment Representations as Assessed in their Family Drawings
Shadin Ahmed Psychological Sciences The Effect of Imagined Contact on Implicit Attentional Bias to Racial Outgroup Members
Valerie Bambha Psychological Sciences The impact of guided pretend play on preschool children‰Ûªs theory of mind task performance
Aiden Harbick Physics Effects of Light Wavelength on Vanadium Dioxide Thin Film Hysteresis
William Schubert Physics Characterization of Molten Salt Oxide Growth on Stainless Steel
Kangning Yang Physics Optical Angular Momentum Conservation via Four-wave Mixing in Rubidium Vapor
Stuart Thomas Physics Andreev reflection in Graphene‰ÛÒsuperconductor junctions in the quantum Hall regime
Annie Blackwell Physics Median Energy Imaging of Supernova Remnants Using Chandra X-ray Observatory
Sam Swanlund Physics s:40:"Uncertainty in
Hana Warner Physics Fabrication of Wearable Heart Monitor Using Organic Amplifier Circuit
Austin Kalasky Physics Reducing Quantum Uncertainty via Spatial Optimization
Zach Baldwin Physics Exclusive pi-zero production in Compton scattering at GlueX
Aurora Santangelo Physics Ejectable Data Recorder for NASA LaRC
Minna Blottner Neuroscience Young Adults' on the Broad Autism Phenotype (BAP) Predict Event Related Potentials (ERPs) to Emotional Stimuli
Elizabeth Acors Neuroscience Psychophysiological Processing of Emotions in Individuals Varying in Autistic Traits and Social Anxiety
Reema Patel Neuroscience The Effects of Medial Prefrontal Cortical Administration of an Orexin-1-Receptor Antagonist, SB-334867, on Attention
Kyle Cochran Mathematics Population Dynamics of the Blue Crab
Ben Schenck Mathematical Biology Ecological Niche Modeling and Risk Assessment of Thousand Cankers Disease
Joshua Sacks Marine Science Impacts of Intense Algal Blooms on the Cycling of Dissolved Organic Matter and Benthic Metabolism in the Lower York River Estuary
Megan Rouch Linguistics The status of the word-final domain and categorical language learning cues
Kelsie Sirak Kinesiology & Health Sciences Effects of Hindlimb Suspension on Plantaris Muscle Active Zones
Claudia Sanchez-Beato Johnson Kinesiology & Health Sciences Relationship between Injury and Spirituality in Native Spanish Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago
Hannah Tufts Kinesiology & Health Sciences Effects of Hindlimb Suspension on Soleus Muscle Active Zones
Abby Boyce Kinesiology & Health Sciences Addressing Past Injustices: Silicosis in Black Southern African Miners
Hailey Ramsey Kinesiology & Health Sciences Changes in myofiber profiles as a result of aging and endurance training.
Olivia Allison Kinesiology & Health Sciences Association of Percentage of Women in Parliament with Immunization Rates
Martha Gizaw Interdisciplinary Studies Identification of SNPs Relating to Autism Spectrum Disorders Using Whole Genome Genotyping Data
Sam Laveson Geology/VIMS Rift Propagation in the Amery Ice Shelf
Megan Gillen Geology/VIMS Influence of Salinity and Vegetation on Marsh Soil Shear Strength
Jun Shi Geology Phosphorus Content in Created and Natural Salt Marsh Soils
Elise Turrietta ENSP/Biology Trophic Support of Grass Shrimp in Living Shoreline Marshes is Equivalent to Natural Marshes
Abigail Belvin ENSP Greenhouse Gas Flux from Stormwater Ponds in Southeastern Virginia (USA)
Holly Funkhouser ENSP Diamondback Terrapin Nesting Habitat and Projected Sea Level Rise
Adam Abate Economics Combining Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning in Unemployment Prediction
Kunyang Li Data Science Spatially continuous synthetic population description for improved prediction of human movement and spread of disease in context of developing countries
Henry Han Chemistry 1,4-Benzoquinone Natural Products: Synthesis, Cyclization, and Enzymatic Activity
Aaron Cole Chemistry Wireless Sensor Network to Monitor Regional Aerosol Production
Kelly Rodriguez- Vasquez Chemistry AIRduino: On-Demand New Particle Formation Measurements with a Hand-Held Arduino Multisensor
John Li Chemistry Dye-Sensitized Photocatalysis using Single Molecule Spectroscopy
Lauren Mazur Chemistry Solid-Supported Glaser-Hay Coupling of Propargylic and Homorpropargylic Alcohols: Preparation and Biological Analyses
Devin Mickles Chemistry Synthesis of Serantrypinone
Naa-Kwarley Quartey Chemistry Nonstatistical Dissociation Dynamics of Nitrobenzene and ortho-Nitrophenol
Michaela Streep Chemistry Alkyl Pyridinium Iodocyanocuprate Clusters
Rachel Wilson CAMS /Mathematical Biology Oyster Population Dynamics: A stage-structured differential equation model of interacting reefs
Emily Pilc Biology The Effect of Tannic Acid on the SUMO stress response in yeast
LeAnn Lo Biology AP Rotation in Xenopus Laevis
Nana Yaa Amoh Biology The role of oxidative stress genes in neurodifferentiation and wound healing
Grace Holloway Biology Determining the transcriptional activity of AICD in yeast models
Carolina Lopez Silva Biology Nuclear Localization of the Thyroid Hormone Receptor
Grace Solini Biology Investigating the role of polyploidy and the ttyh1 gene in the compensatory response to Notch signaling perturbation in Xenopus
Juliana Salcedo Biology Evolution of Plastic Adherence in Experimental Populations of Yeast
Ekaterina Mashanova Biology Microbiology Adaptation to pH Stress by Vibrio Fischeri Affects it‰Ûªs Symbiosis
Christina Sokolic Biology Vibrio fischeri Over an Ethanol Gradient
Nick Rosen Biology Ecological Diversification of Vibrio fischeri During the Free-Living Phase and the Subsequent Consequences of this Bioluminescent Microbe to Grow Along a Salinity Gradient
Maliha Ahmad Biology Investigating the Genetic Basis of the Transition of Commensal Microbes to Opportunistic Pathogens
Tatiana Prioleau Biology Is MK-STYX reducing stress granules via the autophagy pathway?
Ashley Zhang Biology Domain Specificity of MK-STYX in N2A Cells
Miranda Brown Biology Red1 SUMOylation in Synaptonemal Complex Formation
Sabrina Bracero Biology The Role of TTYH1 in Neural Development
Matthew Dungan Biology Effects of Evolutionary Pressure on Competition Between Prion Conformers in a Yeast Reporter System
Rithvik Nalamalapu Biology Effect of Calcium Activity During Embryonic Wound Healing
Jerry O'Dwyer Biology NRTIs Effects on Bone Mineral Density
Rose Guglielmo Biology Vibrio fischeri Adaptation to a Novel Sepiolid Squid Host is Linked to Increased Pathogenicity in Caridean Shrimp
Alec Friedman Biology Killer toxins, social interactions, and mat biofilm formation in yeast
Juselyn Tupik Biology The Role of Predation in Structuring Soft-Sediment Communities
June Kim Biology The Contact Dependent Nature of the Gene Expression of Outer Membrane Proteins in Helicobacter pylori
Kirstin Reed Biology MK-STYX and Neuronal Development in PC-12 Cells
Katie McCormack Biology The role of the chinmo interactor chigno in the developing and adult drosophila testis
Rebecca Pilkington Biology Immunological Changes in the Posterior Kidney of Sockeye Salmon Throughout the Spawning Journey
Andrew Mattei Biology MK-STYX Impacts Microtubule and Autophagy Dynamics
Krystal Jiang Biology MK-STYX and its Role in Decreasing Stress Granules in Cells
Taiana James Biology The Discovery and Characterization of novel M. aichiense bacteriophage Herbertwm
Shriie Ganesh Biology The Effect of Various Gene Knockouts on S. Cerevisiae Stress Response to Tannic Acid
Greta Dylus Biology MK-STYX and Motor Proteins in Stress Granule Dynamics
Maiya Callender Biology Vibrio fischeri growth in Sodium Halide and Alkali Metal Salts
Ben Swack Biology The Pseudophosphatase MK-STYX Regulates Neurite Outgrowths
Val Meleshkevich Biology SUMO Localization Patterns in Nematode Germlines
Amy Forehand Biology The Effect of Quorum Sensing on FLO11 Production in Budding Yeast
Ethan Jones Biology Methods for the Control of Dynamical Properties of Genetic Circuits
Xiangyi Fang Biology Decode
Natalie Batzel Biology Infant Position in Older Dolphin Dyads, Tursiops truncates
Robin Thady Biology The effect of plumage conspicuousness on predation risk in the red-backed fairy wren (Malurus melanocephalus)
Monica Bonilla Biology WC1 Rhodococcus Infection
Erika Manemann Biology Salinity Effects on Vibrio Fischeri
Abby Aita Biology Characterizing Spermatogenesis Protein SPE-6 in C. Elegant
Chey Deunk Biology Live Cell Imaging of Drosophila Testes Stem Cell Niche Development
Emma Gergel Biology MK-STYX may Interact with the Ubiquitin Proteasome System
Hannah Paros/Kathryn Murphy Biology Effects of mercury on gene expression