Program of Study

The courses for the GIS Certificate Program are as follows (all courses are 3 credit hours, unless otherwise noted) :

Fundamentals and Foundations of Geospatial Technology
  • GIS 501: Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science and Analysis (required)
  • GIS 505: Geovisualization & Cartographic Design Techniques (required)
  • GIS 410: Introduction to Remote Sensed Imagery and Analysis (required)
Advanced Geospatial Topics/Discipline Uses of Geospatial Technology
  • GIS 520: Advanced GIS Analysis and Programming (required)
  • GIS 550: Independent Research in GIS (1-3 credits variable) (optional)
  • GIS 590: Topics: Geospatial Technologies GIS (1-4 credits) (optional)

Other Courses Offered at William and Mary (May only be used for course substitutions upon approval of the GIS Certificate Program Coordinator)

Courses of interest related to the professional work or career interest of the student at the 400/500-level in departments across campus, can be submitted for review with the GIS Certificate Coordinator. For example, a wildlife biologist enrolled in the Certificate program may wish to take a 400 Level course in Biology such as Advanced Ornithology. This request would be reviewed for its relevancy to the work of the individual and the applicability to the Certificate program.

Students who wish to substitute a different 400/500 level GIS course for one of those listed below should consult with the program coordinator, otherwise the course may not count towards the Certificate. No transfer credit is allowed for courses taken outside of William & Mary.

Students who have taken INTR204/GIS 201 as an undergraduate at W&M cannot transfer those hours into the Certificate but may be able to place out of the GIS 501 through a skills and knowledge demonstration and substitute another course to meet the credit hour requirement. Students in this situation should consult with the Certificate Coordinator.

Enrollment Expectations
GIS Certificate Students are expected to:
  • Enroll in at least 1 course per regular semester
  • Earn a minimum of 15 credit hours of required coursework
Minimum Grade Requirements
Cumulative Course Credits Cumulative G.P.A.
1 - 6 2.50
7 - 12 2.75
13 - 18 3.00