Propose a Faculty "May" Seminar

We invite faculty proposals for May 2019 seminars. Priority will be given to seminar proposals to develop campus COLL 300 courses and brainstorm new courses for COLL 400. 

In addition to the usual faculty-proposed formats (described below), we plan to offer at least one workshop on a focused topic:

​Communication Concepts in COLL 100 and COLL 150. Offered by the Center for the Liberal Arts, along with colleagues from the Writing Resources Center and Swem Library, the workshop is designed for faculty teaching COLL 100 and COLL 150 courses. In the context of students' first-year experience, workshop participants will consider underlying principles of communication, the specific goals of 100 or 150, example assignments and syllabi, and ways to integrate the communications/writing component to support their course content. Participants will walk away with a draft syllabus and resources to support assignments. Plan for three full days with homework. Priority will be given to those who can attend all three days. Read faculty comments.

Our next workshop will take place in May, 2020. If you have questions, please contact Sharon Morris ( 

About "May" Seminars

Individual and group proposals are welcome. One faculty member should be designated as the seminar leader. This person will take responsibility for working with the CLA staff on scheduling and submitting a brief final report with the CLA on the outcomes of the seminar.

We are open to a variety of seminar models. Some examples include:

  • Day-long intensive discussions on new COLL course ideas.
  • Short workshops or seminars where faculty who have taught COLL courses share experiences.
  • Workshops where faculty who have taught non-written communication skills -- not necessarily as COLL 100 -- share their experience and expertise with interested faculty.
  • Full-week seminars where faculty aim to develop course syllabi for future COLL courses.

Requests for support to purchase materials that support the work of the seminar (e.g., books or videos) will also be considered. 

Please submit your 1-page proposals with budget to Sharon Morris (