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Faculty "May" Seminars


Our Seminar program is temporarily paused as a result of the COVID-19 impact on in-person operations. We will be implementing several versions of our workshops, including for COLL 100/150 and for COLL 350 in the late-summer and early-fall of 2020.  More information about these workshops will be disseminated to faculty via email. 

About "May" Seminars

Individual and group proposals are welcome. One faculty member should be designated as the seminar leader. This person will take responsibility for working with the CLA staff on scheduling and submitting a brief final report with the CLA on the outcomes of the seminar.

We are open to a variety of seminar models. Some examples include:

  • Day-long intensive discussions on new COLL course ideas.
  • Short workshops or seminars where faculty who have taught COLL courses share experiences.
  • Workshops where faculty who have taught non-written communication skills -- not necessarily as COLL 100 -- share their experience and expertise with interested faculty.
  • Full-week seminars where faculty aim to develop course syllabi for future COLL courses.

Requests for support to purchase materials that support the work of the seminar (e.g., books or videos) will also be considered. 

Please submit your 1-page proposals with budget to Sharon Morris (stmorris@wm.edu).