Requirements for Majors (Reflecting Pre-2015 Curriculum)

Important Note:
Newly matriculated students should refer to the current course catalog for majors requirements. The requirements below apply only to students who matriculated before 2015. All students may also choose to follow the new curriculum requirements.

A minimum of 37 credit hours of biological science as well as Chemistry 103 (Gen Chem I) and 206 (Orgo I) with their associated labs, Calculus I (Math 131 or MATH 111), and one of the following: Calculus II (Math 132 or 112), Intro to Biostatistics with associated lab (Biol 327), or Intro to Quantitative Biology with associated lab (Biol 325).  Except for Biol 325 and Biol 327, these chemistry and math courses are required but do not count towards the minimum 37 credits in biology.

It is strongly recommended that Biology majors, especially those planning on pursuing advanced degrees, complete two semesters of physics; and, depending on their chosen sub-discipline, additional courses in chemistry, math, and computer modeling. Students are encouraged to check the the current Course Catalog for more information.

The following are required of all majors. Credit hours are given in parentheses:


1. Introductory Biology for science majors [BIOL 220, 221 (or 298), 225, 226 (or 299)]

a. Intro to Organisms, Ecology, & Evolution; 220 lecture (3), 221 (or 298) lab (1)
b. Intro to Molecules, Cells, Development; 225 lecture (3), 226 (or 299) lab (1)


2. Integrative Functional Biology requirement. Two of the following three courses:

a. BIOL 302: Integrative  Biology: Animals with lab (4)
b. BIOL 304: Integrative Biology: Plants with lab (4)
c. BIOL 306: Microbiology (4)

3. Molecular/Developmental Requirement. One of the following courses:

a. BIOL 310: Molecular Cell Biology (3)
b. BIOL 433: Developmental Biology (3) 

4. Evolutionary Biology Requirement. One of the following courses:

a. BIOL 312: Evolution of Organisms (3)
b. BIOL 317: Paleontology  (3)
c. BIOL 412: Vascular Plant Systematics (4)


5. Genetics requirement. One of the following courses:

a. BIOL 401: Evolutionary Genetics (3)
b. BIOL 420: Genetic Analysis (3)
c. BIOL 442: Molecular Genetics (3)

6. Advanced laboratory experience: Laboratory work in at least one 400 level course.

BIOL 403 and/or BIOL 495/496 cannot substitute for the laboratory requirement.

7. Advanced seminar requirement: BIOL 460 or course specifically designated as a seminar course.
The remainder of the 37 credits can be completed by any additional 300 and 400 level BIOL courses (see catalog for courses). Information on newly added courses can be found on Banner, as Bio 404 (Topics in Biology) courses.