Molecular and Cell

Faculty research in cell and molecular biology is ongoing, with current work on cell nucleus import and export in oncogenes; bacterial pathogenesis; environmental virology; protein modification and chromosome segregation in yeast cells; molecular genetics of nerve cell determination; gametogenesis and germ cell sex determination; and the molecular biology of rainbow trout immune cells.

Liz Allison

Ph.D. University of Washington.

Molecular and cellular biology: Mechanisms of nuclear import and export; nuclear hormonereceptor and oncogene expression.

Eric Bradley


Ph.D. University of California Santa Barbara

Biomedical Imaging; invivo monitoring of cell-molecular processes in mammary tumor development. Mechanisms of reproductive inhibition; role of the endocrine system in maintaining reversible infertility.

Mark Forsyth

Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Connecticut

Microbiology; Mechanisms of bacterial 



John Griffin
Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Neurophysiology: Hypothalamic control of thermoregulation and the generation of a fever in response to infection.

Shantá Hinton

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Howard University

Cellular and molecular biology,protein tyrosine phosphorylation, pseudophosphatase roles in signal transduction, protein-protein interactions.

Oliver Kerscher
Associate Professor
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Yeast Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology and Biochemistry. Study of proteins and protein modifiers that regulate chromosome segregation and genome integrity in the baker’s yeast Saccharomyces cereviasiae.

M. Drew LaMar

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin

Mathematical modeling and simulation of metabolic pathways in aorta endothelial cells; neural network structure and it’s effects on synchronization.

Margaret Saha
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Developmental neurobiology; molecular genetics of cell determination and patterning in the developing vertebrate nervous system, particularly genes regulating brain and vascular development

Diane C. Shakes
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Cell and developmental biology; the interplay between cell cycle progression and cell differentiation during C. elegans gametogenesis

Matthew Wawersik
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Cell and developmental biology; molecular genetic analysis of germ cell sex determination and germline stem cell establishment

Kurt Williamson
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Soil microbial ecology. Environmental virology.

Patty Zwollo
Ph.D., University of Utrecht
The Netherlands

Molecular Immunology; molecular biology of the B-cell immune response in the rainbow trout. Structure and function of developmentally regulated transcription factors expressed in B-cells.


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