Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Faculty conduct research in evolutionary biology and ecology using a diverse campus landscape and regional ecosystems, as well as greenhouse, aviary, and other laboratory settings. Studies include a wide range of organisms (microbes, insects, orchids, fish, birds and turtles) and ecological and evolutionary processes (conservation, soil diagenesis, sexual selection, and interspecific competition). 

Faculty Research Interests in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Faculty member

Research Interest

Jonathan Allen
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Marine invertebrate biology; life history evolution; larval ecology and the role of maternal effects in development

Martha Case
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Michigan State

Systematics and evolutionary mechanisms of Orchid taxa; rare species conservation and applications of population genetic data to plant conservation

Randolph M. Chambers
Ph.D., University of Virginia

Ecology and restoration of wetlands; environmental sciences and biology and geochemistry of sedimentary environments

Daniel A. Cristol
Ph.D., Indiana University

Animal behavior; behavioral ecology and neuroethology of bird migration and foraging; conservation biology

Harmony Dalgleish

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Kansas State University

Plant population ecology; demography and matrix population models; bud seed bank ecology; plant-animal
interactions; restoration ecology of American chestnut

Norman J. Fashing
Ph.D., University of Kansas

Behavior and ecology of insects and arachnids; systematics of astigmatid mites.

Paul Heideman
Ph.D., University of Michigan

Ecological and evolutionary physiology; variation of neuroendocrine pathways; environmental regulation of reproduction in mammals; seasonal rhythms.

Matthias Leu

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Washington

Conservation ecology of flora and fauna; animal-climate interactions; conservation planning and reserve design; landscape ecology; population ecology.

Helen Murphy

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Evolutionary genetics; experimental evolution; sociomicrobiology; microbial population dynamics; microbial ecology and evolution

Joshua Puzey

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Harvard University

Plant development and biomechanics; adaptation to polyploidy (whole genome duplication); evolutionary genomics

S. Laurie Sanderson
Ph.D., Harvard

Vertebrate functional morphology; fish ecology and feeding behavior; functional ecology of filter-feeding vertebrates.

John P. Swaddle
Ph.D., University of Bristol, U.K.

Behavioral ecology of birds; sexual selection; influence of developmental variation on evolutionary processes; functional morphology; body mass regulation.

Bryan D. Watts
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Avian community ecology; habitat dynamics in disturbance-prone landscapes; conservation of rare and endangered species and communities.

Kurt Williamson
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Delaware

Soil microbial ecology. Environmental virology.

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