Andrew Bouland

Andrew Bouland

Email: [[ajbouland]]

Biographical Information


  • Hammond School, Columbia, MD 2008
  • Monroe Scholar focusing research on improvement of Maryland EMS protocols
  • Majoring in biology and philosophy
  • Attended the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant in Guiyang, China with Dr. Cristol during summer 2009
  • Volunteer firefighter/EMT, Howard County, MD
  • Elected tallest iibbs freshman, 2008 (in a hard fought race against Giselle)


Research Interests

 My main research interests involve the effects of mercury on immunity and development.  I'm currently finishing up a project that examines the effect of mercury exposure on nestling sex ratios in tree swallows.  I work collaboratively with members of Dr. Liz Allison's lab, using a PCR technique to molecularly sex nestling blood samples.  At the conclusion of the project, I plan to compare our data to sex ratio data for aquatic bird species to examine trends relating to mercury contamination.