Adam Pflugrath

Adam Pflugrath

Office: Millington 200
Email: [[aepflugrath]]
Advisor: Dan Cristol

Biographical information
  • Chantilly High School 2007 
  • I recently got back from a trip to China  along with other undergraduates and Dr. Cristol.  We attended and presented research at the International Conference for Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) in Guiyang, China.  Our trip brought us through Wuhan and Beijing as well. Read more about it
  • Guitar Hero Master, Waynesboro metropolitan area
Research interests

I currently work on two separate projects.  The first project involves determining the effects of mercury contamination on Tree Swallow primary feather regrowth and development.  I look at several parameters of feather quality to determine the overall quality of the feather including length, width, number of barbs and the density of the feather.  The second project I am involved in is regarding Eastern Bluebird nestling sex ratios and how the population is affected by living on a golf course versus non golf course habitat.