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Megan Kobiela

Master's Student

Office: Millington 218
Email: [[e|mekobiela]]
Faculty Advisor: John Swaddle and Dan Cristol

Biographical Information:

University of Virginia Class of  2010, B.S. Biology
Reformed chemist and lizard nerd

Research Interests:
I am broadly interested in the interface between behavioral ecology and conservation. For my thesis research, I am investigating whether methylmercury affects how birds tradeoff between starvation risk and predation risk. Because most birds have to find food while avoiding being eaten themselves, anything that causes a suboptimal tradeoff will affect individual fitness and possibly population and community dynamics. However, this tradeoff has not yet been examined with any environmental contaminant. To study this tradeoff with methylmercury, I will examine foraging and vigilance behaviors in zebra finches in a captive dosing study.