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Jenna Carlson

Master's student

Office:: Millington Hall 216
Email:: [[e|jrcarlson01]]
Advisors:: Dan Cristol and John Swaddle

Biographical Information:

I am primarily interested in examining the relationship between human activities and the sustainability of avian populations. At William and Mary I plan to design research involving the effects of mercury on captive birds in order to add to the conservation efforts involving the reduction of human induced mercury pollution.

Current Research: Sublethal effects of methylmercury on flight in European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)

My current research aims to provide insight into whether environmentally realistic mercury levels influence flight performance in passerine birds, a taxa common in areas where anthropogenic mercury is present throughout the food chain.

I am tracking changes in take off, maneuverability, and energy gained during flight in birds that are exposed to different sublethal levels of mercury. Additionally I am performing a simultaneous assessment of feather strength, elasticity, and overall quality in relation to mercury exposure and flight performance.