Completed Projects

Caitlin Kight (Ph.D 2010) Acoustics of anthropogenic habitats: Noise pollution and its impacts on wildlife

Allyson Jackson (M.S 2010) Survival in an urbanized landscape: radio-tracking fledgling eastern bluebirds on golf courses

Mikaela Howie (M.S. 2010) The Lateral Extent and Spatial Variation of Mercury Exposure in Birds and their Prey near a Polluted River

Kelly Hallinger (Honors 2009) Survival of adult tree swallows at a site contaminated by mercury

Rachel Fovargue (Honors 2009) The integration of metapopulation dynamics into habitat equivalency analysis

Ryan Burdge (M.S. 2008) Eastern bluebirds on golf courses: nestling pesticide exposure and diet

Joey Hubbard (M.S. 2008) He's just not that into you: Variation in female coloration is not driven by male mate choice in eastern bluebirds

Anne Condon (M.S. 2007) Mercury levels in newly independent songbirds

Scott Friedman (M.S. 2007) Mercury exposure in terrestrial insectivorous birds

Alex Gunderson (M.S. 2007) Interactions between feather-degrading bacteria and feather coloration

Rebecka Brasso (M.S. 2007) Effects of mercury on Tree Swallow reproduction and survival

Ariel White (M.S. 2007) Effects of mercury on the condition and coloration of the belted kingfisher

Caitlin Kight (M.S. 2005) Associations of anthropogenic activity and disturbance with fitness metrics of eastern bluebirds (Sialia sialis)

Josh LeClerc (M.S. 2004) Conservation value of Virginia golf courses

Jason Keagy (Honors 2003) Are created wetland bird populations going down the drain?