Archive for Student Publications

Many, if not most, biology department graduate students conduct research that leads to publication, and a surprising number of undergraduate students co-author published research in refereed science journals. Below are a representative list of recent (since 2006) examples of published journal articles with student authors and co-authors. For more comprehensive lists of publications, see individual faculty web pages.

(graduate student authors in bold)

Andres, K.M. and Chambers, R. M. 2006. A test of philopatry by common musk turtles. American Midland Naturalist 156:45-51.

Bondzi, C., Brunner, A.M.Munyikwa, M.R.Connor, C.D.Simmons, A.N.Stephens, S.L., Belt, P.A., Roggero, V.R., Mavinakere, M.S., Hinton, S.D., Allison, L.A. 2011. Recruitment of the oncoprotein v-ErbA to aggresomes. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 332, 196-212. 

Brasso, R. L. and Cristol, D. A. 2008. Effects of mercury exposure on the reproductive success of tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor). Ecotoxicology. 17: 133-141

Case MA, Bradford ZR. 2009. Enhancing the trap of lady’s slippers: a new technique for discovering pollinators yields new data from Cypripedium parviflorum (Orchidaceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 160: 1–10.

Chalphin AV, Saha MS. (2010). The specification of glycinergic neurons and the role of glycinergic transmission in development.  Front Mol Neurosci.  Apr 22;3: Article 11, 1-13.

Chatterjee, I., Richmond A., Putiri E., Shakes D. C., and Singson A. 2005. The Caenorhabditis elegans spe-38 gene encodes a novel tetraspan integral membrane protein required for sperm function and fertilization. Development 132: 2795-2808.

Cristol, D. A., Brasso, R. L., Condon, A. M.Fovargue, R. E., Friedman, S. L.Hallinger, K. K.Monroe, A. P. and White, A. E. 2008. The movement of aquatic mercury through terrestrial food webs. Science 320: 335.

Desrochers, D. W., Keagy, J. C. & Cristol, D. A. 2008. Effectiveness of created wetlands at replacing the avian communities of saltmarshes in southeastern Virginia, U.S.A. Ecoscience 15: 36-43.

Engstrom EM,  Andersen CM, Gumulak-Smith J,  Hu J, Orlova E, Sozzani R, Bowman JL. Arabidopsis homologs of the Petunia HAIRY MERISTEM gene are required for maintenance of shoot and root indeterminacy. Plant Physiol 2011; 155:735-50. 

Elmore ZDonaher MMatson B, Murphy H, Westerbeck J, and Kerscher O, 2011. Sumo-Dependent Substrate Targeting of the SUMO Protease Ulp1. BMC Biology 9:74.

Fashing, N. J., and Burton, A. 2007. Zibethacarus beeri (Astigmata: Glycyphagidae), a new mite species inhabiting vole nests in western Oregon, U.S.A. Systematic and Applied Acarology 12 (2): 161-166.

Fetsch, C. R., Heideman, P. D., and Griffin, J. D. 2006. Effects of melatonin on thermally classified anterior hypothalamic neurons in the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus). Journal of Thermal Biology 31:40-49.

Glass, K. A. and Watts, B. D. 2009. Osprey diet composition and quality in high- and low-salinity areas of the lower Chesapeake Bay. Journal of Raptor Research 43:27-36.

Grespin, M.E., Bonamy, G.M.C., Roggero, V.R., Cameron, N.G., Adam, L.E., Atchison, A.P., Fratto, V.M., Allison, L.A. 2008. Thyroid hormone receptor a1 follows a cooperative CRM1/calreticulin-mediated nuclear export pathway. Journal of Biological Chemistry 283, 25576-25588.

Gunderson, A. R.Frame, A. M. , Forsyth, M. H. and Swaddle, J. P. 2008. Resistance of melanized feathers to bacterial degradation: Is it really so black and white? Journal of Avian Biology, 39, 539-545.

Hallinger, K. K., Zabransky, D. J., Kazmer, K. A. & Cristol, D. A. 2010. Song differs between birds on mercury-polluted and reference sites. Auk 127:156-161 .

Heideman, P. D.,  Broussard D. R. , Tate, J., and Avigdor, M. 2007. Number of immunoreactive GnRH neurons is heritable in a wild-derived population of white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus). Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 80: 534-541.

Kight, C. R. and Swaddle, J. P. 2007. Associations of direct anthropogenic disturbance with fitness, growth, and condition of eastern bluebirds (Sialia sialis). Biological Conservation, 138, 189-197.

King, A. and Fashing, N. 2007. Infanticidal behavior in the subsocial beetle Odontotaenius disjunctus (Illiger) (Coleoptera: Passalidae). Journal of Insect Behavior 20: 527-536.

Kribel, J. R. G., K. Kolman, and S. Ware. 2011. Rapid change in sapling and seedling layers in an otherwise stable hardwood forest: an effect of deer browsing. Castanea 76: 140--148. 

Lewis B, Wester M, Miller LNagarkar MJohnson M, and Saha, MS. 2009. Cloning and characterization of voltage-gated calcium channel alpha1 subunits in Xenopus laevis during development.  Developmental Dynamics  238 (11):2891-2902.

Markham, A. C. and B. D. Watts. 2008. The influence of salinity on provisioning rates and nestling growth in bald eagles in the lower Chesapeake Bay. Condor 110:183-187.

Monroe, A. P.Hallinger, K. K.Brasso, R. L. and Cristol, D. A. 2008. Occurrence and implications of double brooding in a southern population of Tree Swallows. Condor 110: 382-386.

Morris AS, Wilson SE, Dever EF, Chambers RM. 2011. A test of by-catch reduction devices on commercial crabs traps in a tidal marsh creek in Virginia. Estuaries and Coasts 34:386-390.

Packett, C.R. and Chambers, R. M. 2006. Distribution and nutrient status of the native marsh grass Phragmites australis along an estuarine salinity gradient. Estuaries and Coasts 29:1222-1226. 

Satterlee, S. M. and Fashing, N. J. 2007. A preliminary investigation of cues used by mesostigmatic mites to locate their passalid beetle hosts. In J. Morales-Malacara, V. Behan-Pelletier, E. Ueckermann, T. Perez, E. Estrada, and M. Badii (eds.), Acarology XI: Proceedings of the International Congress, Instituto de Biololgía, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico. pp 241-248.

Smith, J. C. and Sanderson, S.L. 2008.  Intra-oral flow patterns and speeds in a suspension-feeding fish with gill rakers removed versus intact. Biological Bulletin 215: 309-318.

Swaddle, J. P. and Calos, S. E. 2008. Increased avian diversity is associated with lower incidence of human West Nile infection: observation of the dilution effect. PLoS ONE, 3, e2488.

Swaddle, J. P., Ruff, D. A.Page, L. C.Frame, A. M. and Long, V. A. 2008. A test of receiver perceptual performance: European starlings' abilities to detect asymmetry in a naturalistic trait. Animal Behaviour, 76, 487-495.

Wach, E.A. and Chambers, R. M. 2007. Top-down effect of fish predation in Virginia headwater streams. Northeastern Naturalist 14:461-470.

Wilke, A. L., Brinker, D. F., Watts, B. D., Traut, A. H., Boettcher, R., McCann, J. M., Truitt, B. R., and Denmon, P. P. 2007. American Oystercatchers in Maryland and Virginia: Status and distribution. Waterbirds 30:152-162.

Wilson, M. D. and Watts, B. D. 2008. Landscape configuration effects on distribution and abundance of Whip-poor-wills. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 120:778-783.

Xie, Y.*, Kerscher, O.*, Kroetz, M. B., McConchie, H. F., Sung, P., and Hochstrasser, M. (2007). The yeast Hex3.Slx8 heterodimer is a ubiquitin ligase stimulated by substrate sumoylation. J Biol Chem 282, 34176-34184. (* denotes joint first authors)


(updated 10/7/2011)