Graduate Student Publications 2013

Biology Department Refereed Publications with Graduate Authors 2013
Our goal is that all biology department graduate students conduct research that leads to publication. For more comprehensive lists of publications, see individual faculty web pages.

(** graduate student; *undergraduate student; faculty co-authors in bold)

**Sutter, L.A., J.E. Perry, and R.M. Chambers.  In press.  Tidal freshwater marsh plant response to low level salinity increases.  Wetlands.

**Postaski, L.L., G.M. Capelli, and R.M. Chambers. 2013. Occurrence and distribution of the freshwater amphipods Gammarus pseudolimnaeus and Gammarus fasciatus in southeastern Virginia.  Northeastern Naturalist 20:609-623.

**Fairman, C.M., L.L. Bailey, R. M. Chambers, T. M. Russell, and W.C. Funk. 2013.  Species-specific effects of acidity on pond occupancy in Ambystoma salamanders.  Journal of Herpetology 47:36-363.

**Lewis, C.A., D.A. Cristol, J.P. Swaddle, and P. Zwollo. 2013. Reduced immune response in zebra finches exposed to sublethal doses of mercury. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 64: 327-336.

**Jackson, A.K., J.P. Froneberger, and D.A. Cristol. 2013. Habitat features around Eastern Bluebird nest boxes predict fledgling survival. Urban Ecosystems 16:367-376.

*White, J.T., *C.L. DeSanto, *C. Gibbons, *C.K. Lardner, *A. Panakos, *S. Rais, **K. Sharp, S.D.Sullivan, W. Tidhar, *L. Wright, D. Berrigan, and P.D. Heideman. In press.  Insulins, leptin and feeding in a population of Peromyscus leucopus (white-footed mouse) with variable fertility.  Hormones and Behavior.

**J.W. Westerbeck, N. Pasupala, **M. Guillotte, *E. Szymanski, *B.C. Matson, *C. Esteban, and O.P. Kerscher. 2013.  A SUMO-targeted ubiquitin ligase is involved in the degradation of the nuclear pool of the SUMO E3 ligase Siz1. Mol. Biol. Cell doi:10.1091/mbc.E13-05-0291

**Scholer, M.N., M. Leu and J.R. Belthoff.  In press. Factors associated with flammulated owl and northern saw-whet owl occupancy in southern Idaho. Journal of Raptor Research.

**Smith, J.C. and S.L. Sanderson. 2013. Particle retention in suspension-feeding fish after removal of filtration structures. Zoology 116:348-355.

**Wilson, L.C. and J.P. Swaddle. 2013. Manipulating the perceived opportunity to cheat: An experimental test of the active roles of male and female zebra finches in mate guarding behavior. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67:1077-1087.

**MacMurray, E., *M. Barr, *A. Bruce, L. Epp and P. Zwollo. 2013. Alternative splicing of the trout Pax5 gene and identification of novel B cell populations using Pax5 signatures.  Dev. Comp. Immunol. 41:270-281.

(updated 2/21/2014)