BIO460 Fall 2012 Seminar Courses

purple cellsEach year new advanced seminar courses are offered as a BIO 460 Seminar Course. Three courses will be offered for BIO460 in the Fall of 2012, which fulfill the seminar requirement, and the major writing requirement in biology. Advanced seminar courses are appropriate for juniors and seniors.  These courses include:

  1. Genes, GenEthics, And Public Opinion: Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-12:50PM. Dr. Oliver Kerscher
  2. Mechanisms Of Microbial Pathogenesis: Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-12:20PM. Drs. Mark Forsyth and Diane Shakes
  3. Stress And Immunity: Tuesday-Thursday 2:00-3:20 PM. Dr. Patty Zwollo

For more information, please contact the faculty listed for the course above.