The Niche: Volume 10, 2011

This edition of the The Niche (the William and Mary Biology Department Newsletter) brings news of faculty, students, and alumni collected from the past year. It was a very productive year, in terms of hiring, graduating, publishing, and in adding to the potential pool of future biologists! 

Cartoon of gametes with Niche Mice heads

In this issue of The Niche you'll read about

Shantá D. Hinton, Ph.D. Milestones:
New faculty, promotions, and babies!
A. Francis Armstrong
Frances Armstrong '11 Honored at International Conference
Undergraduate out-competes Ph.D. students for international conference award!
Crim Dell DNA sequence thumbnail Crim Dell and LeBron James:
Students discover and name bacteria-infecting viruses
Fryrear and Kerscher Stimulus money at work:
Leukemia research furthered by federal funds
Mitchell Byrd and Dan Cristol Other news through the year! Read about an award for Biology Emeritus Professor Mitchell Byrd, among other stories reported in the department news list throughout the year.