Biology Seminar Series Highlights

Don Fox '00 on campus to give a seminar in November, 2009In 2009, the Biology Seminar Series continued, usually held on Friday afternoons at 4:00 in Millington 117.  In the spring seminar series, most of the talks were given by candidates for one of the two faculty positions hired that year (a Conservation Biologist and Invertebrate Biologist).  Other talks were given by visiting scholars and our own faculty--the highlight for many being Stewart Ware's last seminar as Professor before his retirement. 

The Fall 2009 Seminar Series began with screening of “Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist”, a critically acclaimed documentary in Andrews Hall. Many alumni came to Dr. Oliver Kerscher's seminar on a protein used in DNA repair as part of the Homecoming Science Academic Symposium. In November, alum Don Fox '00 returned to campus and presented his current research on cellular repair of intestinal tissues of fruit flies (Drosophila). His studies are expanding basic scientific knowledge and have applications for human health research, such as healing of damaged liver tissue. Don is currently the Jane Coffin Child Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Carnegie Institute for Science in Washington, D.C. 

Everyone is welcome to attend our department seminars and other public events (see our Events Calendar), and department alumni involved with biological research have contributed seminars in past years. Interested? [[biology,Contact us]].