Student News continued

Graduate Students Excel with Grants and Pubs

Three Biology Graduate Students Funded

Three graduate students have been given grants , based on proposals they wrote, to fund their research this year.

Jonathan Holley and Megan Rook at the recent department celebration of Charles Darwin's Birthday

Jonathan Holley received $15,400 from the Virginia Environmental Endowment to study the effectiveness of current storm water management practices, and Ryan Ryan Burdge Burdge was awarded $27,500 by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to study the effects of golf course pesticides on bluebird. Most recently, Megan Rook received $20,000 from NOAA and the National Estuarine Reserve to study diamond back terrapins in Chesapeake Bay.

Cristol’s Students Publish Without Him! 

Dan Cristol brings news of our graduate students:

"I am not aware of many graduate-student-only articles occurring in our department, so this seems noteworthy.  Our graduate students are really outdoing themselves - three have gotten grants this year…and now they are publishing on their own.  Published in a journal that features methodological advances, their paper describes a new technique they devised for catching birds in birdhouses.

Header to the nestbox publication

"The story behind their invention is that Rebecka Brasso was having trouble catching the more wary male tree swallows.  Scott Friedman rigged up a modification of her technique.  Anne Condon, Rebecka and Scott used it very successfully all summer and the rest of us have been using it since.  Now everyone in the country can benefit from their inventiveness.  A reviewer called it 'ingenious.'  That's the story.  Anne did the illustration."

Nest box image