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Zach Bradford in WalesZach Bradford has a passion for plants, as shown in his wonderful orchid photography website . Zach is a recipient of the Baldwin-Speese Plant Conservation Award, from which he applied monies to his orchid pollination studies. Zach wrote The Niche about his upcoming plans:

   After I graduate from William & Mary in May, I'll be heading to West Virginia University to begin working on my master's degree. I intend to investigate some aspect of the population biology of American ginseng, a wild species widely harvested for the Eastern medicinal market. However, as was the case here in Williamsburg, I intend to spend a good portion of my free time out in the forests searching for native orchids to photograph. Despite my love for the southeastern coastal plain flora here in the Tidewater region, I look forward to studying the more northerly flora found in the mountains of West Virginia. - Zach Bradford

Pink lady slipper Cyprepedium acaule  Photograph by Zach Bradford

by Andon Zebal

Lenna Walker visits her local botanical garden.

The William and Mary Botany Club is a non-academic club for plant enthusiasts on campus. We have organized marsh plantings, an Adopt-A-Planter program, trash cleanups in the college woods, and have helped set up composting for the Campus Garden behind the Caf. We work closely with other organizations, such as Roots and Shoots, the Student Environmental Action Coalition, and the Biology Club to coordinate events and volunteering opportunities.

Hannah Wiegard and Andon Zebal plant wildflowers in the retention pond behind the Student Health Center.

 This year, we also started a community Bonsai program so our members could share knowledge and materials while caring for our bonsai trees. Plans for next year include expansion of current programs as well as setting up another community garden next to the Health Center. The club is also interested in organizing plant walks and trips to local botanic gardens, as well as any activities that lie at the intersection of plants and people.

Hannah Wiegard holds wildflower seeds. Botany Club has been planting wildflowers and Arrow Arum, a common marsh plant, in the retention pond behind the Health Center.
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