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Biology Club News

by Sajithya (Saji) Perera, President 

Biology Club members Phuong Dinh, Sophia Gayek, Saji Perera canoe on Lake Matoaka

The William and Mary Biology Club reformed during the Fall of 2005.  Our goal was to integrate fun activities, community service, and educational events to promote students’ love of biology.In the past we have had canoe trips in Lake Matoaka and a student led tour of the wildflower refuge, and picnics on campus.  We have also made trips to York River State Park, both to try our hands canoeing down the river, as well as to enjoy Estuary Day activities, which included learning about local flora and fauna and hiking down the scenic trails of the park.  We also took a bike ride to Jamestown Beach last semester, which proved very enjoyable despite the exhausting 40 minute bike ride there.  Making balloon animals

We have also had documentary showings of David Attenborough, as well as Bio Club’s favorite “Cane Toads”.  One of our most memorable events was learning how to make balloon animals for a Valentine’s Day fundraiser.   

On a more academic note, we have sponsored grad student forums, to provide an avenue for undergrads to ask questions about the application process from students who have already been through it.  We also had “How to Get Into Research” talks to give tips to undergrads on how best to get into research on campus.  In the past, we also organized student-faculty lunches to provide students an opportunity to get to know faculty in a casual setting. 

Finally, we have offered tutoring for those in Intro Bio 204 and 203 classes.  We have also participated in Making a Difference Day by helping clean up the wildflower refuge.  We have also participated in Earth Day activities.  For example, one year, we gave out sprouting herbs to community members to educate them about food webs and sustainable sources of food.

Biology Club members hike in York River State Park