The Niche: Voume 7, Number 1 Spring 2008

Extra Extra! The Niche is Back!

Proposed Newsletter Names

The Niche :
The original name isn’t broken, why change it?

The Axon: 
For neuroscientists

Neuroscience has all the good ones

Messenger RNA - mRNA
Biologists in the know will get it

W&M Biology Department Newsletter :
Very descriptive

The Transcription Factor :
Not to be confused with the O’Reilly Factor

The Gene Flow :
Go with the flow…

The Codon :
Less controversial than the DaVinci Code

Welcome to the new on-line newsletter of the Biology Department, named after the older newsletter, The Niche . The newsletter is organized into four sections: Bio Department, Student, Faculty, and Alumni News. You can move to each of the four sections using navigation menus at the top (Bio Dept through Alumni News) and left, as well as by moving page-by-page in the upper and lower right side links for next and previous pages. Inside this issue is news on:

thumbnail of bio groupDepartment-wide changes since the year 2000

student research thumbnailStudent clubs and research

thumbnail of wisemanFaculty retirements and new hires

alumni thumbnailAlumni happenings, and

niche mice thumbnailRequests for your ideas for future editions of The Niche!

About the re-release of The Niche:

Larry Wiseman , while Chair of the Biology Department, started The Niche as a fun, informative newsletter written in a large part by and for students in the department (a pdf version of the original edition of The Niche , is available in the Niche Archives).

Department Chair Paul Heideman spurred the re-release of the biology department newsletter. Consultation with faculty led to the decision to embrace the 21 Century by using an electronic, on-line format. Beth Chambers, curator of the herbarium, was eager to help pull it together. We aim to present news of the department to students, faculty, and alumni.

Our first step was to select a name—should the newsletter keep the name given to the original newsletter (The Niche), or should it have a new name? Several names were floated (see inset). After a faculty vote between w&mRNA and The Niche , the original won out.