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Faculty Head to California for Sabbatical Leave: John Swaddle

John Swaddle's sabbatical playmates: wife Rowan and daughter Lyra Both the biology faculty members on sabbatical leave this year are spending it in Santa Barbara, California! John Swaddle and his wife Rowan Lockwood, a paleontologist in the W&M geology department, are taking a sabbatical together. Dr. Swaddle wrote The Niche with his news:

The most important news for me is that I have finally proven myself as being evolutionary significant and increased my fitness. Rowan and I have a baby daughter, Lyra, born in May 2007 and we are currently all on sabbatical in Santa Barbara, California, as fellows at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis - a NSF-funded ecology think-tank. I am also working with a number of graduate and undergraduate students, mostly focusing on issues related to how urbanization affects the evolution and ecology of local bird populations. I update our lab website pretty regularly, so if you want to know more, you know where to go. I would love to hear from alums and what they are doing. If you're in the area, visitors are always welcome!- John Swaddle