Faculty News

Emeritus Faculty Busy: Traveling the Globe for Fun and Research

Moab Landscape- photograph ©Lawrence L. Wiseman

Eight biology department faculty members have retired since 2000, and they’ve been very busy, many traveling around the country and the world for research and/or fun since their retirement. In 2000, microbiologist Carl Vermeulen retired and kept busy working with education of science teachers. In 2001, Bruce Grant and Marty Mathes retired. Marty was spotted on campus just last semester giving a plant tour, and working behind the scenes with the college facilities and grounds crew for the Living Remembrance tree planting program.  Dr. Grant is still busy, responding to comments about his work with checkered moths, and traveling the globe in a busy retirement. In 2004 Larry Wiseman retired, and started an intriguing Bird Rock Art project with his wife Nancy (see the Faculty Emeritus Profile of Dr. Wiseman ).

Cytogeneticist Stan Hoegerman retired in 2006, and 2007 brought three recent retirements: Ruth Beck Sharon Broadwater , and Joe Scott . Ruth and Joe still have offices in the building: Ruth enjoys the quiet of the basement when she’s not in the field watching birds, while Joe was working with colleagues in Australia studying algae, when not algal hunting off the California coast.