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Charles Darwin Turns 199!

Liz Allison's four-chocolate cake with custom-made, marzipan Darwin's finches, was delicious! Liz made the finches' beaks the appropriate shape adapted for each species' food source!George Gilchrist and his wife Katy hosted the first (of what may be annual?) Biology Department Potluck Celebration of Charles Darwin’s Birthday, attended by faculty, staff, and graduate students on what would be the 199th anniversary of Darwin’s birth. Two highlights of the party included the entire group’s singing rendition of "It's a Long Way to Amphioxsis&" (learn more about this song), and the group’s consumption of Darwin’s birthday cake made by faculty pastry chef extraordinaire Liz Allison.

The delicious four-kinds-of-chocolate cake was decorated with hand-made marzipan finches sporting a diversity of beaks and finch food sources! Dan Cristol provided ornithological expertise to describe the relationship between the food sources and beaks just before the work of art was consumed. A grand time was had by all, and many thanks were given to George and Katy for their generous hospitality!

Dan Cristol was encouraged to highlight the evolutionary adaptations exhibited in excellent detail by Liz's decorations; he also helped cut and serve the cake.

Katy Gilchrist eyes the appetizers, while Jonathan Holley, Greg Cappelli, and Laurie Sanderson enjoy the party.

Dan Cristol, Paul Heideman, Mike Levine, and George Gilchrist at the celebration.

Graduate students Louise Lammons, Heidi MacLean, Jonathan Holley and Megan Rook

Graduate student Lomax Boyd helps other graduate students set up for the potluck.

The amphioxus BranchiostomaDr. Gilchrist gave every onethis hand-out of the lyrics for "It's a Long Way to Amphioxus" . You canhear Sam Hinton sing the song on Real Player format. Read more about the song.