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Keck Lab Supports Teaching, Field Labs, and Research

The Keck lab is the site of many classes taught  in the William and Mary environmental program. More information is available at the Environment Science and Policy Program website , or from their newsletter, Downstream.

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Keck LaboratoryThe W.M. Keck Environmental Field Laboratory was completed in 2001, and provides teaching and research laboratory space for students studying environmental topics directly adjacent to Lake Matoaka. Courses regularly taught at the Keck Lab such as Aquatic Ecology, Wetlands Ecology, and Environmental Science, allow students ready access to College Woods and the lake. Dr. Cappelli appreciates the ease with which students can take canoes out on the lake for laboratory classes.

 Randy Chambers was hired into the Biology Department in 2001 as Director of the field lab, and received two grants from the National Science Foundation’s Research for Undergraduates program that has supported over 40 students to stay on campus and conduct watershed-oriented research at the Keck Lab for the past four years. Other faculty participated in this research, and other research at the Keck Lab include John SwaddleStewart Ware, and Dan Cristol from the Biology Department, as well as Greg Hancock from Geology, Timmons Roberts from Sociology, and Rob Hicks from Economics.