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The Integrated Science Center

Biology Begins Move to New Building Summer of 2008

Biology department faculty moving this summer to the ISC:

Liz Allison
Eric Bradley
Eric Engstrom
Mark Forsyth
Oliver Kersher
Margaret Saha
Diane Shakes
Patty Zwollo

Tom Meier Receives Charles Duke Award!

Tom Meier, known as a "Senior Electronics Technician" to the College administration, but known as "Builder and Fixer Extraordinaire" to the Biology and Psychology Departments, won the Duke award, an annual award established by Charles and Virginia Duke to honor an exceptional non-student, non-instructional faculty employee. Congratulations Tom!

The Integrated Science CenterIn February 2006, construction began on the Integrated Science Center (ISC), a large building between Rogers and Millington Halls.  The ISC will provide office and laboratory facilities for the chemistry, psychology, and biology departments. The project is organized in phases, involving some faculty moves back and forth between Jones, Rogers and Millington Halls, like a game of musical chairs. The first phase, (ISC I) culminates in late spring of 2008 when chemistry faculty, along with most biology and psychology faculty, move into the new ISC building.

During the second phase (ISC II), Rogers Hall and portions of Jones Hall will be gutted and renovated. Displaced Physics faculty will set up temporarily in vacated portions of Millington Hall. After this phase is completed, the college hopes to fund more building and renovation, perhaps under ISC III and IV, as space in ISC II does not accommodate the entire biology department! Millington Hall appears to be fated for eventual demolition in these scenarios—many years away yet.

The William and Mary Ideation magazine includes a feature article on the ISC .

biology plane sketch

Neuroscience is Popular Major 

brain imageIn 1999 the former interdisciplinary program of Biological Psychology was changed into the Neuroscience program. John Griffin now directs the program that grew out of the Biological Pyschology major. The program has grown rapidly since its inception and is the largest interdisciplinary major. Sixteen faculty members participate from five disciplines in the college, four in the biology department.  Visit the Neuroscience Program’s web site to learn more.