The Campbells Raise Bumper Crop of Biologists!

This picture of the Campbells' clan was taken at Christmas and the day after everyone went in the field for a Christmas Bird Count. From left to right: Evelyn & Matthew Campbell; Lyle & Sarah Campbell; David & Susan Campbell; Andrew Campbell, and in front, Timothy.

The Niche was delighted to hear recently from Sarah Campbell (W&M History/Biology '68) who's married to Lyle Campbell (W&M Biology '67). Their family embraced the sciences in a big way; as Sarah writes:

Lyle Campbell ['67] is planning retirement after 32 years teaching geology. Meanwhile our sons are launching careers in science, David {Susan} in the DNA research lab of University of Alabama with endangered mussels, while grandson Timothy [2024?] helps with field work; Matthew ['95]{Evelyn} teaching biology at Wheaton College; and Andrew is curator of herpotology at University of Oklahoma.

Since graduating, I received a Masters in Marine Science. I took an assortment of special topics, including ornithology and Deep-Sea Ecology and then a Chautauqua course with Dr. Cindy Van Dover. After that, I had a chance to catch up with Drs. Byrd and Johnson, in Geology. Our son Matthew double majored in Biology & Geology and worked in the herbarium. He also worked with Dr. Beck and we were able to join them in the field for some summer research. -- Sarah Campbell