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A&S Cascade Help

Updating and managing a website can be kind of thrilling. You log into the back end of a web page, make a few changes, publish the page, and presto: Your change is live on the Internet, available to billions of people worldwide.

Editing a web site can be as easy as word processing. Or it can be more complicated, depending on your level of ambition. 

William & Mary uses a web interface known as the Cascade "content management system." In Arts & Sciences, our Web Specialist [[kalarrieu, Kathy Larrieu]] is available to help troubleshoot and guide you through how to use Cascade.

The web/Cascade curriculum presented here is layered into different parts that meet different needs. If you don't find what you're looking for, ask for help.

Basic Cascade Training

If you're new to Cascade, you need to complete the basic Cascade training. Learning these skills will help you navigate your website and get you up to speed on basic editing tasks. Complete this level, and Kathy will set up your permissions on your unit's site. Also, the Dean's Office will provide a Basic completion certificate and notify your supervisor.

Advanced Training

If you're already comfortable with maintaining existing content and navigating around Cascade, you're ready for advanced training. The curriculum covers a wide range of how-to topics, and goes into more depth about global web editing issues - how and why things are set up a certain way, and things to think about as you work on your website. Complete this level, and the Dean's Office will provide an Advanced completion certificate and notify your supervisor.

Just a Refresher, Please

If you're already pretty good at Cascade, you can use these web pages to look up specific processes and refresh your memory. This is especially useful for infrequent tasks, so you don't have to muddle through trying to remember all the steps. The pages are the same as the ones for training, they're just presented differently.

Arts & Sciences relies on our web editors to keep content accurate and up to date. We appreciate your work!