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A&S Web Editors: Help & Training

These pages constitute a virtual training and help site for A&S Cascade web editors, maintained by [[kalarrieu, Kathy Larrieu]]. University Web & Design maintain the official Cascade Help site.

This site can be used as training for A&S folks new to Cascade. We've developed a basic and advanced curriculum to cover situations our web editors run into on a regular basis (basic) or more infrequently (advanced). The training includes exercises so you can practice what you learn.

If you're already pretty good at Cascade, you can use these web pages to look up specific processes and refresh your memory. This is especially useful for infrequent tasks, so you don't have to muddle through trying to remember all the steps. 

Arts & Sciences relies on our web editors to keep content accurate and up to date. We appreciate your work!

General Principles

All A&S web editors should be good digital citizens and adhere to these basic principles:

  1. Bad information is worse than no information. This is your guiding star. Never post information you do not know to be true. Update or remove outdated information. 
  2. Good information is accessible, usable, understandable information. Follow accessibility guidelines. Use plain language.
  3. Build with the future in mind. Do not build what you cannot maintain. Keep sites easy to maintain - the person who edits the site after you may not have your skills.
  4. Follow William & Mary's editorial and other brand guidelines. 
  5. Check over your site at least once a year to make sure your site is still on the right track.