About Art & Art History

Come to Andrews Hall—whatever your interest: a prospective student, a former student, or someone who loves looking at new art or hearing the latest in art-historical research—to experience the varied expressions of global visual culture. The “Art Talks” lecture series and exhibitions in Andrews Gallery offer monthly events.

Creativity and research are cornerstones of the Art and Art History program. Majors in Studio Art hold a graduation exhibition and participate in regional shows and in Honors projects.  Art history students are encouraged to undertake Honors projects and participate in student research symposia, such as National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).  Art and Art History faculty are active in research and creativity, and there are numerous opportunities for student/faculty collaboration.

Departmental Goals

We aim to:

  • Educate studio art students in a visual language that fosters an informed and personal artistic voice through learning from direct observation and an introduction to different methods of visual expression.
  • Guide art history students to understand the circumstances of the meaning, making and original contexts of individual works of art and architecture, combining in depth understanding of particular periods or fields of art and architectural history with appreciation of historical processes of change and the intellectual issues raised by their study.
  • Encourage independent student research and creativity.
  • Continue to emphasize the importance and centrality of faculty scholarship and creativity to inform our curriculum.
  • Actively engage The College community and the public to discuss and view art and its esthetic and its historical and social contexts through exhibitions at the Andrews Gallery, the "Art Talks" Faculty Lecture Series, and lectures and workshops given by invited art historians and artists.