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Myriam Cotten

Associate Professor

Research Area: Biophysical Chemistry & NMR Structural Biology
Phone: 757-221-7428
Email: [[mcotten]]
Webpage: {{}}
Office: Integrated Science Center #0287

Research Interests

The Cotten group employs biophysical, biochemical, and biological methods to study structure-activity relationships and molecular recognition in peptides and proteins active at biological interfaces or surfaces such as lipid bilayers and DNA. Current research focuses on multi-hit host defense peptides, cell penetrating peptides, and membrane protein receptors involved in immune responses.

We use and develop various methods, including static and magic angle spinning solid-state NMR spectroscopy, to elucidate molecular recognition properties of bioactive peptides in the context of living cells and their mimics, and therefore help identify principles for the rational design and applications of biomaterials and therapeutics.