William & Mary

Dr. Joel Levine, Applied Science Research Professor, presents at NASA workshop

Dr. Joel S. Levine, Research Professor, Dept. of Applied Science, will present an invited 45-minute paper entitled, " Mars Atmospheric Dust and Its Impact on the Human Exploration of Mars," on May 19, 2016, at a NASA workshop at the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, LA.  The Space Launch System (SLS), being developed to carry humans to Mars in the 2030s is being developed and will be assembled at NASA Michoud Assembly Facility.  The workshop will run from May 18-20, and is being organized by the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC).  Levine served as co-chair of NASA's Human Exploration of Mars Science Analysis Group (HEM-SAG) and in this role, identified the problems associated with Mars dust on the future human exploration of Mars.  Mars fine atmospheric dust, a regular feature of the atmosphere, can negatively impact both human health and the mechanical systems used by the astronauts on the surface of Mars (e.g., space suits, human habitats and vehicles needed for exploration).  It is hoped that this presentation will lead to a dedicated NASA workshop on Mars atmospheric dust and Its impact on the human exploration of Mars.