Links to Other Resources

The world wide web presents anthropology students with a diverse array of resources, from finished works to raw data, from sites with original content to sites which provide further links to the many expressions of study, research and presentation in anthropology. The emphasis in this list is on sites which provide professional and areal content 'portals' -- good places to start searches which will take you well beyond the sites listed below. There's a lot out there to look at!

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it will get any student of anthropology started. As with all web related information, these addresses are essentially ephemeral, and even if the sites linked to persist, the specific links listed may sooner or later no longer work. Please report all dead links to [[cxmoye]].

These research institutions are associated with the Anthropology Department:

Earl Gregg Swem Library at the College of William & Mary:

These are all national professional organizations. Their sites contain descriptions of their programs and numerous further links, among much other material:

An organization dedicated to protecting the rights of indigenous peoples:

One of the world's premier anthropological research institutions. This is a portal site, with links to individual Smithsonian Museums and Programs:

Another world-class center of anthropological research:

The Open Directory Project is a user generated and edited directory of web-links with hundreds of listings. Two pages of interest to anthropology students are:

Another general resource, this site covers current events and news stories in all of anthropology's four sub-fields:

The Primate Information Network has all kinds of primatological information. The second link is to a listing of internship/volunteer opportunities:

These sites offer further information on primatology and bioanthropology:

The first American Anthropological Association site below provides links to a variety of internship opportunities in anthropology and museums; the second is the web-site of the student arm of the AAA, which also links to research and internship opportunities:

With it's wealth of research institutions and museums, Washington offers anthropology students abundant opportunities -- yours to explore under the aegis of William and Mary's own Washington Program:

The sites listed below will give you an orientation to and overview of archaeological field school opportunities:

Offers links to a variety of archaeology oriented web resources:

These sites link to the National Park Service, which administers many of the nation's most important archaeological and cultural monuments:

Outdated but offers a lot of links to mediterranean oriented resources:

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology -- tour the collections on-line:

Offerings from the Department's resident book essayist (not a 'blue' site):