Creek Interview

Discussions with Bruce Berryhill (Creek)

Discussions with Bruce Berryhill (Creek).

  • Creek - Part I
    The Dawes Roll; discussion of Coweta, Oklahoma and the Creek Nation; allotments and leaving Oklahoma; his father's revelations about Creek family history.
  • Creek - Part II
    Remembering the Trail of Tears; Berryhill's vision of storytelling and television as a media; the power of oral history and family connections.
  • Creek - Part III
    The enrollment process and issues of blood quantum; the Dawes Roll and Dawes Act; Andrew Jackson, land sessions, Black Muskogees and the removal of the Five Civilized Tribes.
  • Creek - Part IV
    Indian Territory after Removal; communal land holdings; blood quantum and Indian schools; the Oklahoma land rush; the Dust Bowl and relocations to urban centers; the Berryhill story as similar to many Five Civilized tribal people's; living as a Creek citizen in Richmond, Virginia; connecting Native people through stories, music, and dance.