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Dr. Audrey Horning is Named 2020 Draper's Faculty Fellow

From the Reves Center: 

A limited number of fellowships are provided through the generosity of the Drapers' Company. Founded over 600 years ago, the Drapers’ Company is incorporated by Royal Charter and is one of the Twelve Great Livery Companies in the City of London. Supporting education has been one of the primary aims of The Drapers’ Company for centuries and continues to be the main focus of the Company’s grant making today. The Company to assists schools, colleges and universities in many ways, from serving on the governing body to providing grants for scholarships, prizes and research. The Drapers’ Faculty Fellowship, administered by the Reves Center, provides support for archival research by the fellows, with the potential involvement of W&M graduate and/or undergraduate students at institutions in the United Kingdom.


Dr. Horning's project is titled "Transforming Narratives: Archives, Archaeology, and Community Engagement in the Draper's Company Plantation Village of Moneymore, Ireland. The archaeology and built heritage of the Plantation is contested heritage in Northern Ireland, where society remains divided into two demographically equivalent communities, broadly drawn as Catholic/Nationalist, and Protestant/Unionist. Today’s divided identities are understood to be rooted in the 17th-century expansion of British power over Ireland, expressed in part through the importation of loyal British settlers as part of the Ulster Plantation scheme in which the Drapers’ Company were notable participants.  In the present, Moneymore survives as a small rural village, but very little archaeological work has focused on it. There is a high likelihood that extant deposits survive and that buildings may mask surviving remains from the early seventeenth century.

The research questions underpinning this project include: What can archival and archaeological research reveal about the character of cultural entanglements on the seventeenth-century Drapers’ Company proportion?; and How can archaeologists best develop practice that contribute to peacebuilding in post- conflict societies?